Canberra City Care

An outreach ministry of our church,  Canberra City Care provides practical help for people experiencing financial hardship.

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Thanks to some of our amazing volunteers giving up part of there Easter weekend, we were able to help people in our community through leaving some vegetables and bread for self serve outside our facility. We were encouraged after by this awesome story.

We wanted to say a big thank you to the volunteers who came in on Easter Monday and placed fruit, vegetables and loaves of bread outside the Charnwood care center.
Simon and I shared the food boxes with residents at the Ranken place Belconnen ACT Housing complex.
Jeff is intellectually disabled and has diabetes, as he lived on cheap home delivery foods like pizza and diet coke for a long time until he found a carer.
His health took a turn on the weekend because his carer was away, and he had run out of fresh food.
Simon and I used the multiple loaves of bread, vegetables/fruit to make up healthy sandwiches, a fruit salad and fruit bag, and 2 tins of tuna and vegetables to make pasta bake for 6 residents including Jeff!!!!
Thanks so much for your help.
-Simon and Belinda

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